Jacob Berger


Jacob Berger believes that the greatest attorneys are the ones who seek justice with integrity, unceasingly see the individual behind the issue, put forth their very best effort, and abide a deep appreciation for the law throughout. This creed drives his calling to assist the injured during the litigation process.

As an associate with Berger Law Firm, Jacob’s practice primarily involves pursuing recovery for the physically or financially injured due to negligence, working with clientele in drafting estate plans, and providing legal analysis and transactional documentation for corporate clients.

Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Jacob has a strong sense of gratitude for the City and its inhabitants; he is excited to provide you with the very best legal representation possible. As a proud husband and father of three young children, Jacob enjoys spending time with family, relaxing on long runs, and writing and recording music.

Contact: jacob@bergerlawkc.com | (816) 600-3220