Constitutional Law

What is Constitutional Law?

Constitutional Law, whether one is aware of it or not, profoundly impacts American society. It is the bedrock upon which American citizens operate, interact, and legislate. More specifically, Constitutional Law is that which relates to interpreting, amending, and implementing the United States Federal and State constitutions. Most Constitutional Law issues arise in the areas of Due Process and Equal Protection, Freedom of Speech, and the Commerce Clause.

Here at Berger Law Firm and in the last 30 years, Kevin Berger has stood and currently stands for the Constitutional Free Speech, Due Process, and Habeas Corpus rights of his clientele, arguing successfully in multiple instances in both state and federal court throughout his career.

No matter its size or scope, if you believe your Constitutional rights have been infringed in any manner, it is worth contacting a quality legal representative who will analyze and handle your issue professionally. We at Berger Law Firm will do just that. Contact us at or give us a call at (816) 600-3220 to schedule a free consultation today.